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Decor Designer

We are an office specialized in engineering design work

Specializing in interior design, exterior design, and office design

DeZain Engineering Design is still considered one of the most prominent companies in the region since its founding in 2008. Recognized in interior design, with full capabilities for engineering and supervision services. We are known for our distinctive design approach of showcasing a sense of traditional Arabic influences, with modern or classic touches. Our charms cover classic, contemporary and modern architectural styles to suit the artistic taste of our clients.

In 2015, we expanded our geographical representation to include the Arab world and the Middle East region, presenting new designs for all the requirements of the country and the local environment, and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Since our expansion, we have succeeded in obtaining the recognition of our customers in success through our distinction and distinctive designs through high quality and innovative designs at an affordable price.

DeZain is an office specialized in the fields of exterior design, and it specializes in hotels, palaces, villas, homes and public housing. Our goal as a company is to provide innovations and an imaginary artistic touch to our customers, while using the best programs and special methods in our fields.

We deal with each project according to the client’s requirements and keep the client in mind throughout the design period, in order to guarantee what the client is looking for in terms of quality and design, and to ensure the accuracy of his requirements.

We have employees and specialists for each field with high skill and quality, who use the latest programs and new methods to create innovative designs with the advancement of times and a new way that is consistent with the local environment.

interior design

We design and provide imaginative ideas and integrity to suit the lifestyle of customers. From modern to contemporary to classic, the focus is on culture and the environment, as well as a social perspective

External design

We design the external and internal facades, and our design depends on understanding the aspirations of our customers and meeting their standards. The focus is on culture and the environment, as well as the social perspective.

Office design

For most people, the workplace or office is the second home, where he spends a large part of his time. This is one of the driving elements for office design, which we seek to create comfortable, elegant and environmentally friendly spaces.

Decor Designer

who are we

DeZain interior and exterior decoration design company was established in (2008) and gained preference and distinction among companies and with the testimony of customers who dealt with us and the trust of customers in us, as well as the company was classified in the Central Tenders Committee to enter the field of government projects and we have many contracts concluded with the government sector and private, time Since its inception, it has specialized in engineering designs and all design works, such as interior designs, exterior designs, and office designs, with the highest quality, lowest possible cost, and fastest time.

Why us

We learn from our experiences with many clients and know how much effort, waste of money and lack of time. Therefore, we provide this effort and carry out all the finishing and decoration works for your home with the highest quality, the lowest cost, and the fastest time.